Macro at PhotoEd – Fall 2016

Fly by Paul

Tachinid Fly by Paul Eekhoff

Toronto. The fall 2016 edition of PhotoEd has an article by Paul Eekhoff on macro photography (pp22-25). Since the beginning of photography we have been fascinated with macro photographs.

Even before 1839, microscopes allowed those curious about macro views to see tiny things up close. Cameras and lenses were designed for the most part to be used no closer than 1m from the subject. To get in closer and stay in focus, auxiliary positive elements, close up tubes, or bellows were used.

These devices needed special guides to keep the subject in focus and “in the frame”. Today with modern digital cameras, there is no problem with focus or framing as the camera shows the image the camera sees whether it is a simple “point and shoot” model or a higher quality DSLR. Paul has many insects displayed on his site (sub menu item –  Commissioned Still Life & Product) – gorgeous.

In this article, Paul shows how to use a white backdrop, a DSLR, macro lens, bellows and a stand. The results are simply spectacular. Pick up a copy of this issue of PhotoEd on your newsstand and have a look!

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