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A Studio Stand holding a camera steady indoors for portraits

Toronto. I did various posts on the ubiquitous tripod so necessary so long ago. From the beginning of photography in 1839, the media and lenses were so slow that a steady stand was a necessity even outdoors. Studios used the sturdy wood and cast iron base versions like the one at left to hold the massive unwieldily cameras of the 1800s.

Little changed until the 1870s when Richard Maddox finally figured out how to make dry plates that could be used in a camera. Even then the bulky cameras had to be used outdoors in bright sunlight. The next century, roll film, flash, faster lenses,  and faster media changed all that, but …

As Carly Simon says in her song “You’re so Vain“, this post is really about membership in the PHSC.  Through the time consuming efforts of our volunteers and especially Bob Lansdale, John Morden and David Bridge, we have published added material online for members only. Journals, Exchange Newsletters, Specials of Historical Interest, etc. Not a member yet? No big deal – pull your plastic out and use the PayPal set up at the top right of this web page. Of course, we will continue to send our PHSC News to all who are on our MailChimp list – PHSC member or not.

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