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October 1925 ad for Eyemo movie cameras by Bell & Howell

Toronto. Ahhh! The roaring twenties. What a great time to be alive (according to the movies). Radio was invented a few years earlier, automobiles had been around for a couple of decades, aircraft were experimental, movies were silent, TV not around (thank god!), and practical photography was nearly 90 years old.

All photography at the time was film based and used sensitive material needing a tripod (especially at night and indoors) for the what is now excruciatingly slow media (about ISO 100 tops).

In 1925, Bell & Howell promoted their new line of Eyemo Movie cameras with ads like this one in the October issue of American Cinematographer magazine.

I am indebted to my good friend and fellow photographic enthusiast, George Dunbar, for unearthing and sharing this bit of history about cameras made so long ago.

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