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Ernemann Werke, Dresden c1925

Toronto. Before the fall of Germany at the end of WW2, Dresden was a major camera manufacturing centre. Ernemann built its famous Pentacon tower building and upon the founding of Zeiss-Ikon, it became the central manufacturing works of Zeiss-Ikon.  Sadly, Dresden became part of the Soviet Union when post-war Germany was divided up by the major Allies (Britain, USA, Russia). The picture at left is from p. 161 of Larry Gubas’s fabulous book Zeiss and Photography (the definitive book on the subject). The picture was originally in the Ernemann catalogue of 1925. The tower remains to this day.

My good friend, journal editor, and long time PHSC member, Bob Lansdale, noted that the  Western Canada Photographic Historical Association’s (WCPHA’s) most recent email includes a copyrighted article by Tom Parkinson on The Ernemann Tower. Those who are members also saw articles on their next meeting, The Leica CL, the discontinuation of Camera Shopper next month, fraudulent signatures and labels on some Daguerreotypes (frauds are a sure sign of the increased value of such items), and a new digital RF Leica.

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