give her a hand!

huge enlargement from tiny negative shown in an August, 1941 magazine

Toronto. The August, 1941 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine has the article shown here. An image of a human hand was blown up about 52 diameters from the original on a 35mm negative.

Years ago in Montreal, our company enlarged a 35mm negative to about the same size to create a huge poster. The person who snapped the shot and arranged for the huge print was also amazed at the ability to do such a huge blowup.

However, to a trained eye the detail expected was simply not there. In microscopy terms we call this ’empty magnification’ meaning the extra magnification doesn’t show extra detail.

My thanks once again to my good friend, George Dunbar, for sharing this article with us. And of course the so called grain-free enlargement is an accomplishment in its own right whether there is empty magnification for not!

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