Gary Blakeley

NEXT TORONTO MEETING – Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
GARY BLAKELEY – See Toronto in another dimension

Toronto photographer Gary Blakeley has spent thirty years as a graphic designer for arts, academic, and business communications. He has lengthy expertise in print production, computer graphics, and information technology. Running through his photography are themes of architecture, travel, and militaria.

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Blending the old and new, Gary has come up with a novel way to turn you into a time traveller. Imagine being able to stand on a corner in Toronto and see what it looked like years ago. He has created an interactive city map in an iPhone app. The app “Zeitag TO” pin points where you are and displays historical photos showing you the same area 40, 50, or 100 years ago. The application includes over 500 archival photographs.

Gary Blakeley (l) and Shelton Chen (r)

Let Gary introduce you to his concept, the team behind it, and their ambitious plans to bring history to life as you enjoy walking through different neighbourhoods. You can follow Octavo Productions on Twitter @Zeitag, visit them at, or drop them a note via

In this photograph by Wayne Gilbert, Gary is seen with Shelton Chen. They are holding antique gun cameras from Shelton’s extensive collection of rare cameras and photographs.


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