from Talbot to Stieglitz

Toronto. In March 1991, the PHSC presented me with this book in the hard cover version. The NY Public Library (or NYC Public Library as I have it listed) became a long time member of the PHSC and remains an institutional member today. In 1982, when the book was first published by Thames and Hudson, Inc., the author, Julia Van Haaften, had been a driving force in the library for a decade. She mixed a long term interest in photography with her work as a librarian in art history in the NYPL to rediscover and document their huge archive of photographic prints. This book was one of the results of her work.

Julia wrote and continued to write many books about famous photographers. This book is a slim 126 pages illustrating just a few of the truly historic photographs in the library’s collection. Track down a copy and enjoy the read.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall the occasion, but it may have been when Don Douglas and I did our dog and pony show on the History of Photography.  The inside label identifying the presentation of the book smacks of the wonderful marketing skills of Les Jones, programme convenor at the time, and himself a photographer and an eclectic collector of photographica.

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