Daguerreian Society Annual – Indicies

Alice – mid 1850s
Daguerreotype portrait by
Southworth and Hawes

Toronto. My thanks to Bob Lansdale for passing along two pdfs compiled by Mark S Johnson, retired editor of the Daguerreian Annual.

Mark says, “I’m sending this “announcement” out as a “group e-mail” to friends. Feel free to pass it along. It includes a separate email address created just for this project, but you can also contact me at my usual address.

“This was a major undertaking but it has been great reviewing all of the wonderful material that has been published in the Annual over the last 25 years. The two PDFs are attached.

“Over the last year I have assembled a 123-page complete index covering the 1990 to 2015 Daguerreian Annuals. This index also includes all of the daguerreotypes illustrated over those years, noted both by daguerreotypist and subject.

“As well, I have produced a 13-page combined Table of Contentsfor a complete author listing.

“Both are available in PDF format and are free for the asking. You can reach me, Mark Johnson, retired Annual editor, at:  MrDaguerre@comcast.net“.

NOTE: The photo of the little girl “Alice” is from the 1995 Annual article on Southworth & Hawes of Boston by Anne E Havinga. I first discovered the wonderful daguerreotype portraits of Southworth & Hawes when I bought a copy of The Spirit of Fact  at “The World’s Biggest Bookstore” in downtown Toronto back on September 2nd, 1976 while I was still living in Montreal. Years later, Dover reproduced the book but chose to reduce the image sizes and dropped the focus on accurate colour rendering. The original 1976 book was co-produced by George Eastman House and  David R. Godine in Boston and has absolutely beautiful none reversed illustrations.

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