Guess which camera is currently most popular?

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Toronto. Which is the most popular camera today? We usually think of Nikons or Canons and perhaps even lesser brands like Olympus or Sony, but by far the most popular camera today  is… the camera in your iPhone!

Yes, in 2015 many sources show the iPhone in its various iterations is the most popular camera. This fact has many ramifications. Professional photographers are swamped today by amateurs. TV stations, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and the other social sites all host amateur photos.

Nightly, I see Global and CTV encouraging viewers to send in their photos of Canada. News bulletins and major news stories often include stills and videos from amateurs who happen to be there at the time with a smartphone and savvy to use it.

But cameras today – traditional or the smartphone variety have some things in common: they are digital, they can automatically adjust exposure, white balance, etc.  And they use rechargeable battery power. Two years ago my wife saw a newsclip on a thingCHARGER. This gadget plugged into a duplex socket and allowed the same two sockets to be used as usual while adding two USB power points on the bottom edge and a little interchangeable plug on the top designed to fit a smartphone. thingCHARGERS could even be stacked to accommodate two different kinds of smartphones.

By the time the thingCHARGER was released the end of 2015, the mainstream electrical manufacturers offered built-in USB power sockets in electrical outlets. The catch was the need for either smarts or an electrician to install the fancy outlet. The fresh eggs the thingCHARGERs offer is easy installation by anyone, and a special interchangeable vertical plug for any smartphone or tablet – micro USB, original Apple or new Apple lightning plug.

You may wonder at digital devices being discussed in a post on an historical site, but remember the 35mm era of the mid 1920s and 1930s is historical and collectible today – about 80 or 90 years later. Digital has already been around some 40 years and gained primacy just a decade ago!

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