celluloid memories

a novel slide viewer in 1942 a few years after 35mm Kodachrome became a colour slide standard

Toronto. The October, 1942 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine has a small article on a little plastic 35mm transparency or film strip viewer. I have a wooden transparency viewer of similar vintage that also uses a frosted screen to spread out ambient light so the slide can be viewed.

In November of 2019, I did a post on a “Komic Kamera” that also used a small film strip.  Such small gadgets seemed very popular for a time giving one an easy way to preview slides and strips before projecting them on screen.

Thank you to my good friend George Dunbar for sharing his find with us. The article brings back memories of a similar toy gadget I had as a child. It was all black and complete with 16mm film strips. I don’t remember if it was a gift or not. Lots of fun looking at the film strips, but put aside and quietly trashed as my childhood attention span moved on.


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