cars and photos – a natural combination

a car rally c1918 from the collection housed in the VPL

Toronto. The photo at left is from the VPL (a PHSC member). The cut line reads, ” 100 years ago US and Canadian auto clubs met in Blaine, WA.  Photo, Stuart Thomson January 26, 1918 – Vancouver Public Library”.

A big thanks to my good friend, George Dunbar, for sharing this photo from the VPL historical photos collection  with us. My father grew up with automobiles. Repairing these machines over the years kept him and his family housed, fed, and clothed.

Unlike today and the astonishing costs of housing, anyone of my father’s age, with a bit of patience and care could eventually own a house. As George Dunbar says in his email on this photo, “Photography is truly a ‘Time Machine’, allowing us to visit and experience the past.”  Browse the VPL’s photos for more engaging images of days past.

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