awash in ink 1896 – from photos and sketches

1896 – Launching of the SS Corona in Toronto Harbour

Toronto. My thanks once again to George Dunbar for this century plus drawing in the Toronto Public Library (TPL) archives. It is a wash drawing made from photos and sketches by William  Thomson Freeland. The drawing shows the launching of the SS Corona at the foot of Portland St. in 1896.

On the back of the drawing, the TPL notes, “In ink, former mount vso (piece bearing inscription in Accession File): This picture is a wash-drawing made from photos and sketches by Wm Thomson Freeland, oldest son of the late Robert Freeland who with his brother Wm were owners of the Yonge St Wharf, now (1915) owned by “Canada Steamship Lines”- said Wm and Robert being sons of Peter Freeland founder of the wharf and who previously used the property for soap and candle manufacturing.

“Inscribed in opaque white, l.l. (lower left): -Wm. Thomson Freeland, -1896-; Looking e. from Queen’s Wharf, foot of Bathurst St., to launching at Bertram Engine Works Co. wharf, foot of Portland St. Shows ferry ‘Primrose’ at right; hull of ‘Cibola’ at left behind ‘Corona’; steamer ‘Chippewa’ in front of Northern Railway Wharf elevator.”

The sketches made up for the slow film speed of the day which would have missed the spectacular launching wave and possibly other details of the drawing like perhaps clouds and smoke.

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