Andreas Feininger, Photographer and the Family of Man

the photojournalist (Dennis Stock) by Andreas Feininger

Toronto. in the late 1960s, I subscribed to the TIME-LIFE series on photography. I learned many things from each book. The very first one was called “The Camera” and on page 61, it showed this photograph by Andreas Feininger of Dennis Stock called “the photojournalist”.  I was fascinated since I was thinking strongly of Leicas at the time.

This all came back to me the other day when George Dunbar sent an email about Feininger’s photograph in the famous 1955 exhibition and later book “The Family of Man“. Looking at the mass of people on Fifth Avenue in NYC taken by Feininger with a long telephoto lens, one can see how appropriate it was for that exhibition and book.

The mass of people appear in a photograph reproduced in the February 14, 1955 issue of LIFE magazine on page 139.

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