Spring 2011 Snap-shots

Our Spring 2011 Photographica-Fair was a great success all around. Wayne Gilbert and George Dunbar took some snaps to show you the event. Click on the images below to see the snaps in a “postcard viewer” package created with Lightroom 3.

Gary Blakeley and Shelton Chen holding WW2 aerial gun camerasWayne Gilbert toured the show capturing some of the scenes and excitement. Here you see Gary Blakeley and Shelton Chen with a couple of WW2 aerial gun cameras from Shelton’s fine collection.

Eyes of owner holding a Speed graphic Spring 2011 FairGeorge Dunbar took a different approach. He wanted to show some of the many items at the show and rather than the light tent approach, he asked the each owner to hold a favourite and peek around (a treasure in the eyes of the beholder?).