… and wings on the side …

a frame from the 1927 Silent Movie “Wings”

Toronto. Chicken wings were throwaways until some one in Buffalo began frying them as a side dish. Nearly a century ago, the name ‘wings’ showed up in an award winning war movie.  The 1927/8 silent movie called ‘Wings‘ won the first ever academy award in 1929!

To kick off our fall program (in spite of Memorial Hall still being closed) our programme director, Celio Barreto, chose to meet at a Roncesvalles theatre called  the “Revue Cinema” to learn about and see this famous silent film.

However, to do so, we had to change the meeting day and the venue. Tickets can be had via Eventbrite. Please check the poster here for details. IMPORTANT! This meeting has been moved to SUNDAY September 25, 2022 at 4:00 pm.

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