a sight for sore eyes

Keystone Eye Comfort series

Toronto. In 1936, Keystone, the huge publisher and seller of stereo cards and viewers, embarked on some health oriented offerings including a special card series called Eye Comfort. This series came in a smart box with the stereo cards, a stereo viewer and instructions.

Keystone believed that exercise was the key to strong muscles and strong muscles the key to good health. In their view, every muscle needs exercise and eye muscles are no different. Their cards and instructions would exercise eye muscles and eliminate a need for glasses! (they seemed unaware of the stiffening of the human eye lens as people aged making reading glasses mandatory for those over 40 unless they suffered from a condition called short sightedness making glasses mandatory to see distant objects clearly.

As Clint thought, Keystone did not sell prescription glasses. His main show and tell came with a caution: be careful not to give yourself a headache or affect your ability to drive by trying the cards at the December meeting…

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