a Kodak challenge in 1934

The Kodak SIX-20 Challenge

Toronto.  This challenge may simply spark curiosity or indifference with the smart phone crowd, who shoot full colour indoors and out; be it sunny or gloomy; on subjects close and far (and all things in-between) then casually send the best views instantly to friends near and far!

The Kodak advertisement in the August, 1934 Popular Mechanics magazine said, “Compare this 1934 Kodak with your present camera”. The ad introduced the then new Kodak SIX-20 line of cameras. A few years later, my dad bought it’s less expensive junior version to capture his first born (me).

My thanks to my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, for sharing this advertisement with us. What a great reminder of the days when we relied on those terribly  slow old films and a snappy folder camera fresh from Kodak in Rochester or Kodak Heights in Mount Denis.

My dad used his SIX-20 folder for most of his life. I later bought him a Polaroid and then an Instamatic, but neither camera was as satisfying to him as his old folder! Oh, yes. All the best for a Happy Canada Day (Canada was established as a Dominion in 1867).

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