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Mannequin Camera – Brendan Barry

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sometimes finds the most unusual things as he pursues his research into photographic history. This one is a recent topic he spotted.

ILFORD has a film series called ILFORD Inspires. This one is titled Brendan Barry: The Camera Maker. Brendan’s Mannequin Camera is just one of a wild series of home-made cameras covered by this short film.

Brendan’s a UK teacher of photography. The many cameras he makes are used to teach the  principles of photography.Using a Caravan Camera, he takes photos as paper negatives directly on Ilford photographic paper.

As you may remember, Ilford is famous for B&W chemistry and materials. The paper negative is used to make a positive contact print. The film shows Brendan and some of his students using various cameras along with Ilford materials. Take a look at making photos back in the days  before digital.



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