bye bye flashbulb guy

LIFE ads in March 1960 offer two ways to shoot low light scenes

Toronto. The 1960s were pretty much the last decade for flashbulbs. They weren’t killed by fast Polaroid film as the Polaroid ad implies, but by cheap electronic flash. The electronic flash was pricier up front, but in use, it was cheap and convenient compared with using flashbulbs.

Polaroid with its high speed films and wink lights was  always a niche mark to most photographers and wanna-bees. The two 1960 LIFE ads offer alternative ways to capture scenes in low light. For a while, Polaroid medical products and its positive/negative film for professionals with larger format cameras, became popular.

Thanks to my friend George Dunbar for sourcing these ads that magazines offered in that bygone time before electronic flash and then digital technology eliminated both flashbulbs and Polaroid.

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