Modern Day Antique(s)

Portrait from Modern Day Antique in Ohio

Toronto. In this age of digital photography we tend to think of antique technology as using film processes, especially in black and white that dates back to the 1880s and Kodak. When we first began, antique technology was really old processes – daguerreotypes, calotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, glass wet plates, glass dry plates, etc . A couple of members (now deceased) used to offer portraits using old techniques, simulated or real. Even today, our past president, Dr Mike Robinson, will do you a likeness in a modern-day daguerreotype, right in his studio in Toronto. Others locally will make you a tintype portrait.

Last Wednesday evening, we had a great meeting celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary (arriving less that a couple of weeks from now). Five speakers did a brief review of photography from the old days of wet plate up to modern day roof topping with a DSLR and pure nerve. One of the audience members was Werner Drechsel. Werner served on the executive some years back before work demanded his full attention again.

The following day, Thursday,  Werner suggested this web site to me: Modern Day Antique.

Michael Rhodes in Medina Ohio runs this site plus a traditional portrait/wedding studio. At Modern Day Antique he offers classes, modern replicas of union cases, ¬†and old fashioned portraits…

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