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a cheap education

Toronto. Books can give you an education including knowledge of photography and its history. Typical is this book called America and the Tintype  by Steve Kasher. When it first came out, tintypes were featured in an ICP exhibit (20008/9). Lot … Continue reading

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APS – Jan 16th – Tintype demos

Toronto. Horst Herget spoke with us at a  monthly meeting before COVID-19 hit (September, 2019). And I recently received an email from him. In it, Horst writes: “January’s ALTERNATIVE PROCESS Social: Tintype demonstrations “FEATURE: Horst will be demonstrating the wet … Continue reading

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the tin man

Toronto.  “You can even mail them…” This was a big advantage for tintypes in the days when most ‘likenesses’ were glass encased. Joseph Wyman Brown uses the wet plate process to create authentic modern day tintype portraits. An article by … Continue reading

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what a bargain!

Toronto. Do you remember street photographers? They were itinerant photographers who snapped people as they walked along city streets and sold their work accordingly. Sometimes the photo was a ferrotype (tintype) and the finished photo was ready in a minute … Continue reading

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why the tripod?

Toronto. Did you ever wonder why so many old photos and drawings of cameras in use showed a tripod? Until the dry-plate era, the media were so insensitive that it took  seconds or minutes in bright light to record the … Continue reading

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re-creating the war that started Canada

Toronto. Canada was formed in 1867 in a well known conference held on spud island (PEI). The founding of the Dominion was Britain’s reaction to the US Civil War and its means to protect the British colonies in North America … Continue reading

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Sloppy, but it works

Toronto. When Scott Archer announced his invention, most photographs were studio portraits by Daguerreotypists; while some people used Fox Talbot’s salted paper negatives and prints. Both processes were slow in camera and very technical requiring care and precision to obtain … Continue reading

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PHSC Image Show November 26, 2017

Toronto. We are hosting our Image Show this coming Sunday, November 26th at he Arts & Letters club in downtown Toronto at 14 Elm Street. Come on  down and join in the fun, get some additions for your collection, and … Continue reading

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Tintype Studio Portrait

Toronto. The guys at The Tintype Studio have announced that  December 3rd 11 – 5 will be the next special portrait studio offering. We had these folk do a program for us back on February 20th, 2013, over four years … Continue reading

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Our other Facebook page…

Toronto. Louise Freyburger reminded a number of us on Wednesday that she manages TWO Facebook pages for the PHSC! The first is the link you go to when you click on the Facebook logo in the right hand sidebar. The … Continue reading

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