bigger than Texas …

a huge digital camera from SLAC courtesy of CNET

Toronto.  … and even Ontario! CNET reports that SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory recently announced the world’s largest digital camera. The article on CNET is, “Scientists capture world’s first 3,200-megapixel photos” and states, “They successfully test the focal plane on the world’s largest digital camera, which will eventually help explore the cosmos.”.

Modern day digital cameras have sensors far smaller, topping out under 100 megapixels. We first learned of these giga size images in November 2008 when Felix Russo of PhotoEd spoke on his Gigapan system and modern day panorama images. He later took a 750 megapixel shot of some laggards in the audience (including me).

In November of 2015 I did a post on the Gigaplex system and its 2,100 megapixel photos. The Vancouver shot was captured in 2011 at the Canucks hockey game outside the arena. I also linked to a mountain scene shot in 2013, but you need the Adobe Flash plug-in to see it (Flash is history now).

My thanks to my friend, Russ Forfar, up in the wilds of Southern Ontario.

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