Alice is at it again

Sony A7R IV Full frame 61 megapixel

Toronto. After film’s popularity surged in 1880 with the famous Kodak camera, the race was on to increase its detail (resolution) and speed. By the time film faded from popular use, both resolution and speed had increased significantly. A friend of mine suggested digital cameras with 35mm frame size sensors (full frame) would have to reach some 35 megapixels to match the detail possible with 35mm Kodachrome transparencies. While there is no simple correlation between film and digital resolution, common estimates suggest Kodachrome is about 20 to 35 megapixel equivalent in resolution (lens quality and ISO rating are variables to be considered).

Fortunately, just like film, digital sensors have grown in both resolution and speed. When first introduced, digital cameras had sub-megapixel sensors that struggled to offer ISO 400 sensitivity. The low resolution nicely matched the computers of the day.

Modern high end digital cameras can capture 50 megapixels or more with sensitivities beyond ISO 3200. Digital Camera World posted this article (12 Highest resolution cameras you can buy today)  by Rod Lawton on June 12, 2020. This article was the source of the Sony illustration at left.

NB. The title of this post is the witty and whimsical song “Alice is at it Again” written by Noel Coward in 1946 and sung by him on his show in Las Vegas at the Desert Inn. I first heard it on his “Noel Coward in Las Vegas” album which I bought some 60 or so years ago.

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