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A camera collector’s collector

Toronto. Camera collecting has no firm rules. Some folk collect quantity, some quality, and some both. The late Jim Matthew managed to collect some 3,000 plus cameras ranging from the inexpensive to the exotic. A marine engineer, Greater Manchester born Jim’s work took him around the world (including 12 years in Canada).

Jim began his collecting enthusiasm while visiting his daughter in Vancouver, BC. Jim retired to Scotland and on his death, his wife Dorothy emigrated to Canada. Steven Brocklehurst did a short review of Jim and his collection for the BBC Scotland News on September 11th of this year.

Thanks to my good friend and fellow PHSC member Celio Barreto (our programme secretary, Japanese photography expert, and, Instagram & ¬†ZOOM meister) for sharing this piece on camera collecting with me. NB, the title of the post is also the title of a 1946 song composed by Irving Berlin for the Broadway musical, “Annie Get Your Gun“. Unlike the song, few collectors can claim to better Jim’s over 3,000 old cameras!

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