if it moves, shoot it …

Ad for Kodak in LIFE August, 1967

Toronto. An old military saying was, “If it moves salute it; if not, paint it”. My colour blind uncle was a painter on a military base after the end of WW2. He told me the paint tins were marked to say the house, room, and wall to be painted, so his eyesight was not an issue.

An advertisement in the August 18th, 1967 edition of LIFE magazine (p 85 – one page from the end), promoted Kodak’s super 8 movie cartridge, colour film, a new projector and a new palm size camera, solving two of the problems vexing would-be amateur home movie buffs – flipping a camera film reel and threading a projector.

The ads never mentioned the squinty results, lack of sound, cost, tedious editing, steep learning curve to accomplish decent results, cheap lenses, resolution issues, etc. After all, Kodak’s goal was to sell film, lots of film. Buy the projector and camera – and keep buying film.

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