most gifted

Kodak Instamatic 104

Toronto. Today when someone says, “most gifted”, we usually think of a very bright child worthy of accelerated and/or in-depth learning. Today, when we think of compact cameras we usually mean smartphones.

In the summer of 1967, a Kodak advertisement in LIFE magazine called its Instamatic 104 camera both “the world’s most gifted” and “compact”. While emphasizing the price of a colour kit as “less than $20”, the ad neglects to mention (and rightly so) that the camera is both limited in use, and to many eyes (mine included) down right ugly.

The ad on page 41 in the June 2, 1967 Issue of LIFE does hit all the buzz words of the day: colour, flash, indoor, compact, easy to use, etc. A big thank you to good friend George Dunbar for sharing this historical note with me.

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