I spy with my little eye …

Minox B with case and instruction book

Toronto. … a cluster of Minox cameras and Minox things at our estate auction on the 17th of this month. The tiny Minox was famous as an early subminiature spy camera in and after WW2. The instrument was precision crafted and originally made in Riga, Latvia.

If you don’t own one yet, come along to our auction this month and bid for one of the models offered. I bought my two late in the 1950s. One was lost or stolen in the mail when I sent it in for repairs – I dropped it about ten feet to the floor. The other and all the Minox darkroom gear I traded in years later for a screw mount Leica with an Elmar lens.

If I forgot to mention it in an earlier post, the snake chain that attaches to the camera has bumps matching the closer distances on the focussing scale so the user can measure the distance quickly, set the lens for that distance, frame, and snap a photo – just like a 1940s/50s spy might do!

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