I spy with my little Minox

Joe Cooper’s 1958 ULTRA-Miniature Photography book

Toronto. Whenever I think of the Minox, I think of spy cameras of which it was the most widely known back in the second world war days (WW2). The camera’s inventor, Walter Zapp, came up with the 8×11 mm frame format. I had two of the little cameras, a IIIs and a model B which was a IIIs with a selenium cell light meter.

The tiny 15mm focal length, 4 element Complan lens uses a curved film plane to help correct it for curvature of field. A fixed aperture of f/3.5 allowed the designer to maximize its corrections at that aperture. The lens could be focussed from 8 inches to infinity.

I did a few posts on the sub-miniature cameras in the days of film. My first experience with the Minox was when an associate of mine used his Minox system to capture images in a factory where cameras were verboten. The area was a skunk works operation, busy experimenting with new ideas.

A big thanks to friend and PHSC founder John Linsky for his diligent research into the Minox camera beginning with this video showing the history of Minox. John found the Crypto Museum site featuring the original Riga Minox. The little camera even has its own website and collectors organization.

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