light in the box

my light box – about a foot per side

Toronto. Continuing with the copy theme, one big challenge is lighting three dimensional objects so shadows are softened and the object is modelled by the lighting. One easy technique is to use a light box. This accessory has soft pure white translucent cloth sides, top, and bottom with an opening in front for a camera. Being cloth and springs, the boxes fold flat for storage.

Any light source – even sunlight – can illuminate an object placed inside the box. The exterior lights can be moved to best illuminate the subject item, or the box can be moved (necessary if you choose sunlight as a light source).

Coloured cloth inserts can add contrast to an object and the camera opening can be made small by another piece of translucent fabric so the taking camera is not obviously reflected on the surface of the subject item inside. Various size boxes are offered – mine is a cube roughly a foot long on each side. They are great for either film or digital taking cameras.

You can pick one up – complete with exterior lights on little tripods – at the PHSC fair this month (like I did some years ago) or see if one shows up in an auction lot next month.

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