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light up the night

Toronto. Photography played a key roll in WW2. High flying aircraft with aerial cameras mapped the ground searching for enemy troops and armaments. A bright idea, tested over upper NY State, was the ‘light bomb’ described in this January 1941 … Continue reading

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daylight blues

Toronto. In the mid last century, one could buy daylight or tungsten transparancy (slide) film. The difference was in their white balance. Incandescent bulbs would have a colour balance around 2700 degrees kelvin and a special blue filter on the … Continue reading

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spot on

Toronto. One big difference between amateur photographs, and those made by professionals and advanced amateurs, was illumination. Indoors, the professional went to great lengths to illuminate his subject bringing out the nuances of its very existence whether a human, an … Continue reading

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light in the box

Toronto. Continuing with the copy theme, one big challenge is lighting three dimensional objects so shadows are softened and the object is modelled by the lighting. One easy technique is to use a light box. This accessory has soft pure … Continue reading

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a buggie photograph

Toronto. Did you ever watch fireflies up at the cottage or in a small town or village at dusk? These little bugs give off a tiny bit of illumination to attract others (mates or food). On Aug 16, 1948, LIFE … Continue reading

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