silvery moon

The Print- Basic Photo3 – Ansel Adams (New Edition)

Toronto. “by the light of the silvery moon” goes a line in a very old song. Ansel Adams made a photograph in 1941 called “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico“. ┬áIt was so popular he made thousands of prints and at auction today, one print is approaching a million dollars in value.

Adams was a practitioner of large cameras and landscapes. He was also a creator of the famous Zone System for black and white (monochrome) negatives and prints as well as an author of popular photographic processing books such as “The Print – Basic Photo 3” released in 1968. It was one of five books in the series. I bought my copy of the fifth printing (1971) in Boston in September 1977.

Adams was a great photographer, teacher, and author. I first saw Moonrise in 1970 in the Time-Life book “The Camera”, the first in T-L’s series on photography. A rather imperfect version of Moonrise is shown below – Time-Life ran the picture across the book’s gutter.

Moonrise- Hernandez, New Mexico (1941) by Ansel Adams

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