a COOMI cutie

c1948 COOMI by Leitz NY lens is attached to removable ring shown attached (bottom of photo).

Toronto. In the post WW2 days of film, you could make close-ups by placing an extension tube between camera body and lens or by adding a close up lens (+1,  +2, or +3 diopter) element to the front of the lens – like a filter.

Leitz made both. Around 1948 Leitz NY made the COOMI, a micrometer extension tube, with fully variable spacing from 40mm to 60mm. You simply inserted it between the Leica screw-mount body and a screw-mount lens using the focoslide to take care of framing concerns.

The COOMI came in both a matt chrome finish like I have and a black finish. The front ring can be changed to accommodate a few different lens heads.

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