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Helmeted Diver using a screw mount Leica (IIIa?) – Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis via Getty.

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me this image of a diver using a Leica with the special release accessory operated by teeth. This is photo number 17 in the series, “Weird, Wonderful Photos from Another Era” shown in an article by Alan Taylor on June 24th, 2019 in a column called, “InFocus” on The Atlantic website.

Taylor writes, “While doing my job of researching photos for various stories, I always come across more interesting images than I need, or photos that are unrelated to the story yet still remarkable, strange, hilarious, or just great shots. I tuck the best of those into a folder without a clear plan for future use.

“Today, I offer another sampling from that folder—a grab bag of historic images depicting land-speed records, underwater photography, Italian elections, a young Princess Elizabeth, a streamlined ferry, and more—from epic achievements to small moments. There isn’t really a theme here, other than ‘I thought these were neat photos, many rarely seen, and thought you’d enjoy them as well.’ This is part of an ongoing series of collections of interesting photos from the past.”

The cut line for photo #17 in the series is, ” diver demonstrates how he took photographs of the wreck of the Royal Navy submarine HMS Thetis by strapping a Leica camera inside his helmet and holding the trigger between his teeth.”

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