Juno Beach 75 years ago today

June 6 1944, photo by Gilbert Milne Canadian Press courtesy of the Globe.

Toronto. June 6th, 1944 was a memorable day. The famous D-Day landings took place on the beaches of Normandy. Canada took Juno Beach in a spectacular fashion.

Editor Bob Lansdale has made it his challenge to see that the event and our photographic contribution is remembered, You can read about D-Day here in the Globe, or here on the website of the Juno Beach Centre, or here on our own website or in Photographic Canadiana 43-2.

As a kid in school during the second world war, we commemorated the first world war each November 11th and in particular the Vimy Ridge monument and Ypres.  My wife and I had grandfathers and uncles that joined the Great War as it was known.

Only one uncle joined WW2 – and he was just a boy. My wife’s father tried too but he had injured an eye earlier and his generous offer was declined. There never seemed to be a similar commemoration for a WW2 battle. Perhaps D-Day and Juno Beach are the battles to be remembered by all.



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