a closer look

The AUTO-UP lens attachment for a Leica to allow close-ups down to a 1/2 metre

Toronto. For many years the convention for mini-cams was infinity down to one metre (1m). Many normal lenses for the Leica followed this standard leading to a variety of means to frame and focus in the macro range – closer to the subject than a metre.

This led to a number of third party devices that let Leica owners and others use their normal lenses at distances closer than the engraved 1m mark. An example shown here is the AUTO-UP device that fit many different 35 mm cameras.

The one shown is for the Leica with a non-rotating Summitar normal lens. A one diopter auxiliary lens allows the camera to focus from the regular 1 m down to a half metre. Above the lens is a rectangular lens that adjusts the position of the viewfinder and rangefinder accordingly.

Owners of other cameras could buy a similar device designed to fit their camera and lens. The little screw at the bottom connected the device to the lens like a filter or lens hood.

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