Newsletter 11-5

Newsletter 11-5 September 2011. From left: Cover, Mystery camera (top), Paper memorabilia (bottom), Emblem redeemed (bottom), Or first Boot Sale (top), Colourful Leicas (bottom), Memorable Moments by Harry Joy (bottom).

Editor Lansdale has pulled together a 14 page number covering many of the fall events, coverage of our first Boot Sale, 94 year old member Harry Joy’s lovely B&W exhibit in Toronto, A mystery camera query by the Sallows Gallery in Goderich – this camera measures 13.5 x 8.5 x 11.5 inches and takes an 8 x 10 inch plate, The WCPHA emblem redeemed – why the old timers hid under their cloth at times, and some more paper memorabilia thanks to Lindsay Lambert.

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