small club, huge impact

Martin Scott of TPHS in Rochester NY

Toronto. The Photographic Historical Society (TPHS) across the lake in Rochester has always been a small organization but its impact is world wide. This tiny group organized the famous Symposium, generally held every three years. The group was founded in 1966, eight years before us and is one of the oldest if not the oldest photographic collectors groups in the world.

Some of our members also belong to the TPHS and at least one of their members regularly proofs our journal. Their speaker this evening is Edith Cuerrier of Newfoundland who currently works at the GEM cataloging their Cromer collection. Edith had an article in our Journal (issue 37-3) on George Eastman and his visit to Newfoundland.

This issue of their 2018-10 newsletter has, amongst other items, a short history of the TPHS. Read and enjoy!


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