who did JR shoot?

TIME magazine cover by JR
for special guns article

Toronto. One of the remaining magazines is TIME. My subscription lapsed over 60 years ago. They recently published a special issue on gun control, a sore topic south of the border. Those of us old enough to remember television in 1980, may recall the show Dallas and its punch line at the end of one particular season, “who shot J.R.?”. Artnet News featured a story on this TIME article.

PHSC member and speaker Jeff Ward of Halifax writes, “I wonder if the readers of your blog would be interested in knowing about an interesting magazine cover that came out this week. It has been a while since I stood in front of a magazine rack but today I did, and I was struck by the TIME magazine cover.

“The cover features a photomontage of 245 Americans on either side of the gun debate, and the range of those in between the extremes. It was commissioned from a French photographer known only as JR. He photographed people from all over the US over 5 months and arranged them same way as the Notman studios would have more than a hundred years ago (except that he had digital technology to make it a little more seamless). A remarkable image in any century, nevertheless.

“I was also impressed by the attention that was given to photography throughout the rest of the issue. It is wonderful to see that print journalism still giving its all, even as the medium seems to be dying. I am seriously thinking about renewing a very moribund¬† subscription!”

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