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don’t cry over spilt milk

Toronto. In 1957 an Engineer at M.I.T. perfected this image of the corona created by a drop of milk falling on a flat surface. The image, by Dr Harold Edgerton, is one of 100 images chosen by TIME magazine. The … Continue reading

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who did JR shoot?

Toronto. One of the remaining magazines is TIME. My subscription lapsed over 60 years ago. They recently published a special issue on gun control, a sore topic south of the border. Those of us old enough to remember television in … Continue reading

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… and just who owns what?

Toronto. George Dunbar has been fascinated with copyright laws for years. On August 9th, he sent me an email link to TIME magazine’s 100 photos and in particular one of a cowboy by Richard Prince. Have a look at the … Continue reading

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Edgerton’s High Speed Photography

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me this fascinating link to a short video on the TIME MAGAZINE website showing Edgerton’s high speed photography experiments using custom made strobes. Wait for the video – it starts after a short ad. Dr Edgerton set … Continue reading

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Film is Making a Comeback

Toronto. My thanks to Russ Forfar, one of our speakers this month. Russ emailed me a link to this Time Magazine article by Olivier Laurent on the state of film in today’s largely digital world. It is a timely article as we … Continue reading

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