PHOTONews 27-3 is here

PHOTONews 27-3

Toronto. Yesterday, as I opened my Globe and Mail newspaper at breakfast, out came a magazine insert. To my delight, it was another edition of PHOTONews! Norm Rosen’s delightful magazine extended my breakfast routine of reading the Globe.

This issue is full of inspiring articles and photographs but two were of particular interest to me. Daniel Dupont chose his topic to be “How to Understand and Analyze The Histogram“. I have had a histogram displayed on my camera for years now and often use it in the Lightroom and Affinity Photo software (it shows up with the curve tool). Dupont shows a photo and its histogram to allow the reader to better understand how the two correlate. Dupont explained how the light meter can be used with an 18% grey card or its equivalent and the relationship amongst the scene, meter reading, and histogram. His article continues next issue. Can’t wait.

The second article that I enjoyed was Will Prentice’s opus on Strobe Modifiers. There is a well presented explanation of each kind of modifier complete with diagrams and photos. Lots of other interesting articles and colour photos too. Well done.

Be sure to pick up a copy today. If you do not have a nearby newsstand, no worry, the magazine is widely distributed via newspaper subscription and is available a few weeks later online here. It is also offered as a free subscription.


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