sayonara dslr?

NIkon Mirrorless cameras

Toronto. Single lens reflex cameras were around for over a century. The smaller 35mm versions emerged in the 1930s offering larger, brighter views than the squinty viewfinders for box, folder, and rangefinder cameras.

When digital came along, the massive DSLR style camera became the darling of the professionals. When the full frame sensor was developed these brutes became the work horses of the profession. Pros touted Canons and Nikons and to a lesser extent Sony cameras. All others seemed to fade into niche markets.

The early mirrorless cameras were a huge innovation allowing most of one’s collection of older film camera lenses to be used once again via a simple conversion tube. The 4/3 sensor became popular. Late arrivals chose to go a different route, using the larger APS-C sensor. Recently some marques have offered full frame sensors for their amateur mirrorless cameras.

I see that Nikon is now touting a new series of what look to be professional mirrorless cameras. The models tout the ability to use the famous Nikon F lenses with a simple adaptor. Is this a precursor to the end of the line for professional DSLR designs?

Remember that the small amateur “point and shoot” digital cameras have all but disappeared, replaced by the cameras in the ubiquitous smartphones, cameras that are improving daily – prompting the old adage that the best camera for the shot is the one you have with you….

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