sprocket rocket

Sprocket Rocket

Toronto. A century ago the panorama print was popular. Cameras like the Cirkut models could turn about the lens nodal point while affixed to a tripod by using gears and a spring wound motor.

This format is common place today. Most digital cameras and smart phones can create an auto-stitched panorama – you slowly rotate the device manually from side to side or top to bottom.

Earlier versions of programs like Photoshop could stitch together film camera sequential shots with some over lapping details. A very few cameras were made with the stretched aspect ratio common to all modest panoramas.

The Sprocket Rocket is the latest model offered by theĀ Lomography organization. It is based on a simple box camera design using 35mm film. A number of frames (2 to 3) are used to create the stretched aspect ratio seen below. The vignetting and sprocket holes just add interest to the print.

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