something’s wrong with this picture

Philippe Halsman and
wife Yvonne Moser
in 1951 portrait

Toronto. In 1992, the late Glenn Frey, released the album Strange Weather. Included was the song Love in the 21st Century which includes the above line. Frey was the front man and writer for the dysfunctional rock band the Eagles. When they disbanded in 1980, Frey went on his own. His songs are familiar to viewers of many Hollywood action movies as well as the Eagles and Frey’s own albums and singles.

The late Philippe Halsman was a  professional NYC studio photographer perhaps best known for his photographs of painter Salvador Dali. His alternate choice of camera was a TLR. In this photo sourced by George Dunbar, Halsman captures himself and his wife in a whimsical portrait. But look closely! All is not as it seems …


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