Snoping out fauxtography

Melting in a heat wave?

Toronto. Was this heat wave REALLY so hot that cars melted in Arizona? Does the claim pass the smell test? Yeah,right!

For many years the Snopes site has helped us mere mortals perform a decent smell test. Our customers occasionally sent on dubious email messages purporting to one thing or another that seemed off. A quick check on Snopes usually confirmed the claim to be fake or valid along with a reasonable explanation. We know that in photography – especially since the days of darkroom enlarging … and Photoshop – that not everything you see is true. This usually is done for a hoax or by politicians to sway the votes of the unwitting public.

My thanks to John Linsky for reminding me of Snopes and their valuable service in this day and age of chicanery and fake news. The cars? Yeah they did melt down in Arizona, but not from the sun – it was an intense fire nearby that melted the vehicles 🙂

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