Ernest Brown, photographer (1877- 1951)

Ernest Brown
of Edmonton AB
and gear c1892

Toronto. Ernest Brown was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the bleak northern English town famous for its coal mines many decades ago, on September 8th, 1877, or so the book by Derek Hayes called “Canada: An Illustrated History¬†notes based on an entry in the Canadian Encyclopedia published in print and online by the famous¬†Mel Hurtig.

In 1892, Brown photographed three fellow photographers in Mission BC while they were busy snapping the native Indians performing “The Crucifixion“. His fellow snappers, from left, are William Manson Boone [William Hanson Boorne], Ernest G May [Boorne’s cousin and business partner in Calgary], and Charles W Mathers [who later bought the Boorne and May business in Calgary].

The first volume of Photographic Canadiana, issue 7 , in an excerpt from the ¬†“Canadian Photographic Journal” notes “An Early Western Photographer” mentioning Boorne and May in Calgary.


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