A suitcase full of photographic wonder

Figures in Tunnel
East End of London, 1949
by John Turner

Toronto. Shades of Vivian Maier! My long time friend and PHSC guest speaker Russ Forfar  sent me a brief email Wednesday regarding this news item posted on the BBC. Picture editor Phil Coomes, a photographer in his own right, wrote this column on the 30th of May, 2018. Ut was posted on the BBC News site. He shows and illustrates the remarkable story of John Turner who died in 1987.

Phil writes, “It’s not often you are sent a set of pictures that make you gasp, especially ones taken decades ago. Yet here they are, beautiful black and white pictures that have remained hidden, buried in a loft waiting to be brought out into the light.

“These pictures were taken by John Turner, a property manager based in the centre of London, and were recently unearthed by his daughter and her husband, Liz and Martin Carroll.

“Following John Turner’s death in 1987 a suitcase was passed to them by his widow, Betty. A quick glance revealed family photos and other pictures taken for his camera club, and it was consigned to the loft for 30 odd years.”

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