Marge Addison, the first PHSC Membership Secretary

Marge Addison in 1979 by
Wayne Sproule (click to
see the large photograph).

Toronto. We were saddened to learn that the first membership secretary of the PHSC has passed away.  Marge held the post from 1974 to 1981. She was membership secretary in 1975 when I joined the PHSC. She and husband Jack operated a portrait and wedding studio in Scarborough for many years. Her husband was both president and editor of the Photographic Canadiana in our early years.

When Jack retired from the EMS (Emergency Medical Services), he and Marge moved to a small community in Eastern Ontario (Verona, Ontario). Marge was our fourth member and a Charter Member (CM) as well (the CM designation is used by a member who joined in our first year, 1974). Her picture is from a cover shot of Photographic Canadiana, Volume 4-6 March/April 1979. The larger photograph shows members the executive of the PHSC in 1979. In the large picture the subjects from the left are: Front Row: Marge Addison, John Linsky, Roger Whitlock, and John (Jack) Addison. Back Row: Harold McNutt, Bob Dynes and Ron Anger.

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