New Archive of Globe and Mail Photos

People board buses on Yonge above Eglinton. in this John Boyd photo

Toronto. Many well known photographers worked for and sold photographs to the Globe over the years. Now with the help of the folks from the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC), a selection of the images will be available at this link for subscribers. The icon at left is by John Boyd. [please see correction below]

The Globe article begins, “As part of the Globe’s Canada 150 celebration, (the Globe hits 173 this year), we’ve pulled an eclectic selection of photos that range from a 1901 picture of the Forester’s Arch being erected on Bay and Richmond streets for a royal visit to a Canadian astronomical discovery in the late 1990s.

“You can search the archive by date or Globe photographer, and there are special collections that cover different aspects of Canadian life. A unique feature of the archive is that it shows both the front and back of the photos, providing an unedited look at the newspaper’s graphics process.”

A big thank you to member and past Photographic Canadiana journal editor, Doug Gilbertson, for suggesting this link. While I do read the Globe daily, for some reason I missed this important article. Well done, Doug!

It should be noted that my original post mentioned that John Boyd was still alive. Both Bob Lansdale and Wayne Gilbert corrected me on that:

Bob Lansdale said, “John Boyd died years ago. He was Secretary to the CAPPAC association for years and transcended it in to PPOC. [His father, also named John Boyd,  took photographs too.] See

“John H. Boyd [Jr.] retired in 1964 and passed away on October 28, 1971, at the age of 73. Throughout his career, he had meticulously detailed his negatives and photographs in a series of log books—recording the subject and date—making his collection a valuable document of Toronto and Ontario’s 20th-century history. More than 100,000 of Boyd Jr.’s images, as well as the logbooks, live at the City of Toronto Archives.”

Wayne Gilbert further clarified my comments with this, “The John  Boyd you met at Harry’s 95th is now 104 and living at Sunnybrook. His surname at birth out west was Boychuk and he had a literary career for many years. He also painted in watercolours and oils before losing his eyesight and he still writes using a voice-activated computer. Sandy and I visit with him from time-to-time when we are at Sunnybrook.”

My apologies for mixing up the two gentlemen.

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