McKeown’s Camera Guide (online version) is progressing!

MckCamera-smToronto. Jim McKeown, co-author of McKeown’s Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, emailed me Sunday (yesterday) that the massive online update to his reference guide for camera collectors will  soon be ready for testing. The new title is “McKeown’s Camera Encyclopedia and Price Guide”, reflecting the detailed information included of camera makers, addresses, models, and dates.

Jim said in his email, “The first test version of the web edition should be ready within a few weeks; we are waiting for the webmaster’s final touches.  We will send out an official announcement to all who have responded to our web questionnaire. We encourage your members [PHSC] to sign in, as that is the only way we will make announcements and accept subscriptions.” The initial online test version will be all manufacturers with names that begin with A. Both text and images will be tested.

Jim notes that once the bugs have been shaken out of the full online version (i.e. feedback of errors and inaccuracies), the hard copy will go to press. On March 15th last year, I mentioned this long awaited update is underway with the editors targeting release some time late in 2016. Used/new copies of the single volume 2004 edition (for 2005-6) are presently offered on Amazon at sometimes eye-popping prices. The arrival of the newest four volume edition sounds like a tasty Christmas present for collectors.

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