Obsolescence and Darkness

20131012-122349-Visual-Arts-2Toronto, October 12, 2013. I have been a fan of the Globe and Mail for over a half century now. I spotted this  photography related item this morning  in a Globe column called “Week in Preview” under a heading “Visual Art“.

Michel Campeau: Icons of Obsolescence and Robert Burley: The Disappearance of Darkness

“A double-barrelled blast about the past – two powerful (and complementary) colour photography exhibitions at the National Gallery in Ottawa on the end of the analog photography era and the disappearance of so much associated with it (i.e. film, negatives, processing plants).

“Campeau, a Montrealer, has been taking digital pictures of darkrooms since 2005, travelling ‘from Havana to Ho Chi Minh City to Tokyo.’ Toronto’s Burley has been just as peripatetic, recording the demise of large scale darkrooms and film-manufacturing plants in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Opens Oct. 18.”

– James Adams

For those with a short memory, Bob Burley spoke to us in February 2007. After his book was published, I posted a note based on the Rick McGinnis blog re: the death of Kodak Heights.

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